This is St. Philip

In proclaiming and celebrating the Good News of the Gospel and in serving the people it is essential that material needs such as finances, membership, physical plant and talents of the parishioners be considered. A well run parish enriches all parish life.

2019 Report to the Parish

Thank you parishioners of St. Philip for your generosity in providing for our parish. Not only are we able to support the ongoing expenses of the church but we have been able to expand our ministry activities, continue to help those in need and improved our sanctuary. Linked below is our 2018 Report to the Parish containing our financial highlights.

We will continue to be good stewards of your kind donations while continuing to meet St. Philip’s Mission to “… joyfully celebrate the Eucharist as a community and share and proclaim the Word of God to our neighbors.”

Your Servants in Christ,

The Parish Finance Board

2019 Report to the Parish (English & Spanish)

Parish Council Member

Mike Ren,