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Abba Father Retreat

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May 19, 2018
8am – 5pm

The “ABBA, FATHER” DAY RETREAT is a great opportunity to uncover the real meaning of Fatherhood. The vocation of fatherhood is one of the most challenging, and sadly, fathers are a source of much brokenness in the family. This retreat is a chance to look again at the task our God has given to many men: being a Father, and to approach it again, with grace and forgiveness for all, especially ourselves. This retreat is open to all men aged 23 and up.

The day will feature five thought-provoking and challenging workshops:

  • God’s Plan for Fathers
  • A Father’s Response in a Fast and Challenging World
  • Redeeming Love
  • Never Too Late
  • How Do I Love Thee?

In addition, there will be other formational opportunities. Group activities, personal reflections, interactive discussions, and more will lead us closer to this holy call to imitate God our Father. Join us in prayer now for the success of this venture, so that our respective families and communities may be enriched by fatherhood more deeply lived!