Parish Building & Grounds Ministry

The mission of our Buildings and Grounds Ministry is to assist the Parish in the management, maintenance and improvement of all Parish internal and external facilities and properties to create and maintain a comfortable, functional and secure environment for all Parishioners and Ministries to flourish and grow.

The Buildings and Grounds Ministry is the focal point for all activities involving the seasonal and permanent appearance of the church and parish facilities and properties. Examples of involvement include budget programming, project management, facility planning, consulting services, providing estimates for construction and renovation projects, as well as, seasonal and ongoing needs such as weeding, cleaning, organizing, inventory, etc.

Our Parish is blessed and benefits from the utilization of the vast wealth of talent and knowledge our parishioners voluntarily provide. This allows us to complete many jobs and services that are within our capabilities. For work that is outside our expertise and/or requires certain assurances, we actively seek quotes from licensed companies and contractors. We are always interested in the businesses of our parishioners.

Our ministry also monitors outside projects and activities within the City of Franklin that may affect our parish, such as, development projects, traffic, streets, festivals, zoning, etc.

Over the next several months we will be highly utilizing the Flocknote system and the St. Philip website in an effort to keep you informed regarding ongoing and upcoming information of interest, as well as, areas in need of assistance. We highly encourage you to sign up and join Flocknote and don’t forget to select Buildings and Grounds. Any time and/or skills you can offer will be greatly appreciated and valued. There are several projects that require ongoing attention.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, inquiries, suggestions, concerns and/or to volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

Carol Brown

Parish Pastoral Council

Buildings & Grounds

Parish Council Member

Carol Brown