St. Philip Arts & Liturgy Institute


God is revealed through the beauty of the arts and in truth. St. Philip has created the Arts & Liturgy Institute (SPALI) to offer parishioners and the local community the opportunity to explore the artistic gifts God has given them and, explore and learn about the liturgy to expand one’s life in faith and service. Blessed with an abundance of talent, SPALI enables our musicians and artists to serve the Church and help fill the need for musicians, artists, and leaders for the Church now and in the future.


To promote the Gospel by developing musicians and liturgists for St. Philip and the local community.

To deepen the faith of the faithful to become better disciples of Christ.

Course Offerings for Fall 2019

Tuition rates for private lessons are $30 per half hour lesson except for  vocal coaching sessions which are $50 per half hour. Student schedules will be based on teacher availability. Students will have at least one performance opportunity a year.

Session 1:  September 9 – October 14

Session 2:  October 28 – December 2

Students are required to commit to a 6-week class and pay the full amount when signing up. Contact the instructor to learn more.

  • Vocal Lab – $90.00
    1 hour class with Margaret Rose, minimum 4 students.
    Focus is on the natural voice and conversational singing. Students will learn from diagnostic techniques to evaluate performance and correct common problems. Vocal Lab can be repeated or used as a review. This is an ongoing class for all singers, This is an ongoing class for all singers, beginner through advanced.
  • Ear Training/Sight Singing –  $90.00
    1 hour class with Drew Givan, minimum 4 students.
    Students will be taught in Session 1 how to recognize, audiate and sing melodic intervals. During Session 2 students will apply this skill to sight singing music using the solfege system.
  • Music Theory
 – $90
    1 hour class with Drew Givan, minimum 4 students.
    Students will spend Session 1 learning fundamental knowledge of music; lines, staves, note names, scales and rhythmic duration. Session 2 will be spent understanding chord structure and learning to analyze chords as well as writing basic counterpoint compositions.
  • Vocal performance, harmonizing & confidence building – $90.00
    1 hour class with Christina Cimorelli, minimum 4 students.
    For children or teens. Christina’s class focuses on vocal technique, performance, singing in harmony, and developing the confidence to share musical gifts with the world.
  • Liturgy 101 – Free except for cost of materials used.
    1.5 hours with John Angotti, minimum 4 students.
    Presents the basics of liturgical and church documents to deepen the students’ understanding of the Mass, other riturals and the Catholic faith. Priests and deacons will make special guest appearances. This class is open to all parishioners. It is also a requirement to achieve certification for accompanists and instrumentalists.

12-week Session: September 9 – December 2

Break: week of October 21

Students are required to commit to a 12-week class and pay the full amount when signing up. Contact the instructor to learn more.

  • String Chamber Ensemble – $270

1.5 hour class with Melanie Joy Alvey
For Intermediate to advanced string students
The students will learn:
The skills of a small chamber group (as opposed to a large orchestra).
The basic repertoire for events such as weddings along with some advanced chamber music repertoire.
Sacred music and have opportunities to perform with the Chamber Singers and during Mass at St. Philip.

  • Chamber Singers – $270

1.5 hour class—an Adult Choir with Drew Givan.
Students will work on more advanced and challenging sacred music outside of church choir. Music Theory and sight singing background are preferred. If a student does not have one or either, then they will be recommended to take Theory and/or ear training along with Chamber Singers. The ensemble will perform for at least one Mass for Mediation and either the Christmas Concert or Easter Mass.

We are currently working on partnering with National Pastoral Musicians (NPM), the national organization for all pastoral musicians. Our goal is to develop and certify accompanists and instrumentalists (in addition to NPM’s current certification for cantors and Music Directors). This will enable SPALI to provide quality musicians to other parishes who are in need. For those interested in this process, please contact John Angotti at (615) 550-2834 or moc.nilknarFpilihPtS@ittognAJ.


Email one of our instructors to begin lessons…

Melanie Joy Alvey
Melanie Joy AlveyViolin
Melanie Joy Alvey is a contemporary violinist, composer, arranger and teacher who completed her Undergraduate Degree and Masters Degree in Commercial Performance at Belmont University.
John Angotti
John AngottiPiano
John is the Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Philip as well as a songwriter, national recording artist and speaker.
Christina Cimorelli
Christina CimorelliVoice, Performance
Christina Cimorelli is a touring singer/songwriter and performer in the band Cimorelli with her five sisters. She has released four albums and seven EPs and toured all over the US, Europe, South America, China and the Philippines.
Brian Connelly
Brian ConnellyGuitar
Brian Connelly is a singer/songwriter originally from Springfield Illinois. He moved to Nashville TN shortly after graduating cum laude from Greenville University with a B.S. in audio engineering.
Peter Duarte
Peter DuarteTrumpet
Peter Duarte is a Miami native whose undergraduate studies at the University of Florida included Trumpet Performance under the tutelage of Joyce Davis.
Drew Givan
Drew GivanVoice
Drew has been a parishioner of St. Philip for over 20 years and is an alumnus of Father Ryan High School in Nashville. He received his Bachelor of Music in Education from Western Kentucky University,
Margaret Rose
Margaret RoseVoice
Margaret Rose received a full scholarship and graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Performance/Classical Voice from Misericordia University where she studied with Dr. Clifford Balshaw.