Hispanic Ministry

The mission of the Hispanic Ministry is to serve the spiritual, worship and religious education needs of the community in its own language.  Mass is held on Sunday at 1:00pm and Thursday at 7:00pm. The Hispanic Ministry provides catechism, including First Communion preparation, faith reaffirmation, Confirmation preparation and adult education classes at St. Philip (September through May). Baptism preparation class is offered once a month, and baptisms are celebrated by request.

Miguel Valadez & Maria Perez, Parish Council Representatives



Maria Elena Cruz, Hispanic RCIA

moc.nilknarFpilihPtS@ACIR, 7265-106-516

Are you an Adult and have not received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation or the Eucharist? The RCIA Program is for you!

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A). It is the traditional practice of the Catholic Church to prepare adults so that they can participate fully in the Sacramental life of Church. RCIA is a “Journey of Faith”, a gradual process of Christian initiation for those adults who:

  • Have not been baptized and would like to be received fully into the Catholic Church through Baptism
  • Have been baptized as infants, but have not received the sacraments of Confirmation or the Eucharist (First Communion)
  • Have been baptized into another Christian community and seek to become a permanent part of the Catholic Church.

The RCIA formation program begins on August 11, 2019 and ends in mid May of 2020. But this program is only the beginning of a life of conversion and active participation in the Church. For more information, please contact Maria Elena Cruz at 7265-106-516moc.nilknarFpilihPtS@aciR, or look for her in the Narthex after Mass (1 p.m.) all Sundays before the beginning of the program. A registration list will also be provided in the Church office so you can register during office hours. Thank you!

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Adolescents “Ovejas en Busca de su Pastor”
Maria Diaz: 6100-552 (139)

Night Adoration
Jose Luis Meza: 5933-836 (516)

Young Adults “Pescador de Jóvenes”
Maria Mata:8850-577 (516)

Deacon Rafael Bougrat:4744-324 (516)

Miriam Alejandra Bracho:7837-577 (516)

Carlos Gonzalez: 7283-702 (516)

Children’s Choir
Paco Salazar: 9440-194 (516)

Religious Education (Catechesis)
Carmen Sánchez: 6140-928 (516)
Irma Torres: 0094-818 (516)
Maria Herrera: 0482-055 (516)
Melissa Doyle: 7382-055 (516) (English)
Julianne Staley: 8382-055 (516) (English)

Miguel Ramírez: 3299-985 (516)

Fernando & Patricia Martinez: 1201-108 (516) / 3895-975 (516)

Altar Servers
María Elena Villaseñor: 6323-876 (516)

Women in the Mercy of Christ
Elodia Mariscal: 5495-374 (516)

Couples for Chirst
Celestino Villaseñor: 0979-368 (748)
Gabriela Villaseñor: 5020-807 (748)

Marriage Preparation
Miguel & Georgina Valadez: 8993-794 (516)

Juany Meza: 7883-037 (516)

Charismatic Renewal
Jose Luis Guzmán: 1963-484 (516)
Delfina Ortiz:6329-484 (516)

Maria Elena Cruz:7265-106 (516)


Renovación Carismatica: Clase de Crecimientos

September 2 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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