Project Description

Walking with Purpose is a Catholic Bible study that aims to bring women into a deeper personal relationship with Christ. Through personal study and small group discussions, the group helps to link our everyday challenges with solutions given to us through the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church.


Melissa Roselli

Sunday Mornings

August 19, 2018 – May 19, 2019

Meeting Room 105

Our new bible study for this Fall will be Fearless and Free. This bible study is based on the book of Ephesians. So many of us are wrestling through the reality that life isn’t easy, even when we are doing the right thing. Suffering can slam into us from left field, leaving us reeling. This study provides a firm foundation to stand on no matter what life throws our way. With an emphasis on healing and wholeness, this is the most personal and transformative study that Walking with Purpose has offered so far.

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